Multistrike Dragon Dragias
Common Skills
  • Master Skill (Multistrike Dragon Dragias)
  • Extra Attack
  • Immunity: Destruction Effects
  • ATK Buff
  • Intimidate

You're not ready for this, you're so not ready for this. Loading... will be your French Vanilla Loading... for this evening. Master Skill (Multistrike Dragon Dragias) specifically synergizes with the Extra Attack Skill, granting each of your monsters 1 Stack of it, and Pierce if they have 2 or more stacks of Extra Attack . This lends itself to a more aggressive beatdown strategy, where you aim to deal a ton of damage quickly with your Extra Attack ing beatsticks.

Synergistic Cards

Looking at the label, Dragias wants monsters with Extra Attack , so it can also give them Pierce , which lets them use their Extra Attack. Peeling the label back a little bit, one can extrapolate that monsters with Pierce will also appreciate gaining Extra Attack from Loading... . Additionally, if you're going aggressive, throwing around ATK Support should allow your monsters to win in combat, allowing them to Pierce through and use their Extra Attack . Double Material will also find use in any deck that requires two Tributes. When it comes to Spells, Loading... randomly gets a ton of value from Dragias' Master Skill, functionally acting as a Loading... in addition to its original function.

F2P Sample Deck

20 cards
Strategy Notes
  • While Dragias is an aggressive deck, one still values the Extra Card in the middle of the board, because denying that card from your opponents is incredibly important, especially if you're denying them from whoever you're targeting. As such, monsters with Superspeed and cards like Loading... can help you achieve this goal.

  • If possible you want to play this deck fairly aggressively, targeting one of your Side Lanes (as there's less combat). If possible, send your strongest monsters with Pierce or Extra Attack in Side Lanes (ideally going for the middle lane with a Superspeed er or a more throwaway utility monster)

  • Ideally follow up your initial summons with supplemental Extra Attack ers and your Loading... , while you save your center lane for Defense or ATK Support . From there, you want to focus on winning combat (hopefully against a Defender), because getting in for your boosted direct attack damage should be your goal.

  • Aside from that, your goals are the same as every other aggressive deck: win combat, find an opening, and try to secure the Top 2 Placments by dealing damage directly.

Future Upgrades

As with most decks, you can greatly improve the individual quality of your monsters by incorporating Super Rares. Loading... and Loading... are both efficient beatsticks with Extra Attack while Loading... , Loading... and Loading... provide better attack boosts via ATK Support and Special Skill (Sportsdragon Slugger) respectively.

As far as Spell/Traps go, Loading... brings utility as always while Loading... serves as a way to either push through extra Damage or win combat effectively.

When choosing additional slots for Loading... , one slot of Extra Attack is incredibly important, as it gives also gives your Dragias Pierce , turning your Dragias into a frontline threat. The most value for the third slot will probably be Immunity: Destruction Effects , since the popularity of Loading... should not be underestimated and having immunity to its Master Skill on your Ace Nonster is incredibly valuable.

20 cards
Multistrike Dragon Dragias
Summoned Skull
Dragon Dowser
Gagaga Magician
Sportsdragon Slugger
Big Jaws
Celtic Guardian
Elemental HERO Sparkman
Mad Archfiend
Performapal Silver Claw
Vorse Raider
Y-Dragon Head
Z-Metal Tank
Dark Resonator
Performapal Hip Hippo
Zubaba Knight
Enemy Controller
Mask of Brutality
Double Attack
Shield & Sword

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