February 28th Update

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Barrel Dragon

Raid Event: The Most Dangerous Game of Chance

Form a team of four, take on the Raid Boss, and earn incredible rewards! "Barrel Dragon" is making an appearance as a Raid Event Boss!

This event features Bandit Keith as a Raid Duelist.

Progress through the event and collect Character Pieces, and unlock Bandit Keith as a new character! Keep an eye out for the Special Card Skill, Anti-Shield !

Raid Duel Cards
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  • Heavy Metal Raiders
  • Proton Blast
  • Gamble
Raid Boss Details

In the Boss Phase: Each of the Raid Boss's 3 barrels have a 1/2 chance of charging a shot. The boss attack this turn deals X00 damage for each shot charged.

At the Start of the Battle Phase:

  • Select up to 2 lanes (other than the center lanes), return all of its Level 2 and lower player monsters to the hand, and then inflict X00 damage to the player for each monster returned to the hand.
Object: Time Machine

Appears 2 turns after being destroyed by a player.

In the Boss Phase:

  • Summons a Raid Monster behind the Raid Boss.

When Destroyed in Battle

  • The 2 players in the same lane as this object each return 1 random monster to their hand from their Graveyard.

All Raid Monsters gain ATK equal to their Level ×100. If there is a Level 2 or lower player monster controlled in Attack Position in one of the center lanes, the Raid Boss' shield in that direction gains 1 Hit Point.

At the Start of the Battle Phase

  • All monsters become Level 1 or 7.

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