Kalin is one of the Dark Signers - the sworn enemy of the Signers.

As the leader of The Enforcers, Kalin battled alongside Yusei, Jack and Crow to rule the Satellite Sector. But when his attacks went too far, he was imprisoned by Sector Security and lost his deck. Succumbing to sadness and despair, he resurrected as a Dark Signer and vowed revenge against his former friends.

Having zero cards in your hand during a Duel may seem like a problem, but Kalin turns this into an advantage with his Handless Combo strategy. He also uses Earthbound Immortals - evil creatures trapped inside geoglyphs - to strike fear into his opponents.

When the player transforms into a Dark Signer, Roman orders Kalin to train this new recruit. Kalin reluctantly accepts because he pities those who have lost their memories.

How to Unlock Dark Signer Kalin Kessler

  • Obtain Points in the Revenge of the Earthbound Immortal Event Cumulative Rewards.

How to Level-Up Dark Signer Kalin Kessler

  • You can Level-Up Dark Signer Kalin Kessler's Trust by Dueling with him selected as your partner from the Main Menu Screen or Dueling with him as your partner in Tag Duels

  • You will need a Dark Signer Kalin Kessler Character Piece to unlock Trust Levels 11-20.

  • You can acquire Dark Signer Kalin Kessler Character Pieces by obtaining them from the Revenge of the Earthbound Immortal Event Cumulative Rewards.

Leo Level-Up Rewards

Trust Level Reward
1 -
2 50 Gems
3 5 Skill Material (S)
4 5 Skill Material (M)
5 50 Gems
6 5 Blue Material
7 1 Special Skill Material
8 50 Gems
9 5 Skill Material (L)
10 Dark Signer Kalin Kessler Card Sleeves
11 50 Gems
12 5 Yellow Material
13 5 Skill Material (S)
14 5 Skill Material (M)
15 50 Gems
16 1 Master Skill Material
17 5 Green Material
18 5 Skill Material (L)
19 2 Special Skill Material
20 5 Skill Material (XL)