Raised in the slums of Satellite, Yusei is a Turbo Duelist who bears the mysterious Mark of the Dragon on his arm. Unlike many other Duelists, he knows that each and every card has potential at greatness, no matter how weak or strong they appear to be. Armed with this knowledge, he harnesses the strength of lower Level monsters to summon powerful Synchro Monsters.

Yusei calls out to the player because he feels that the player loves Dueling just as much as him.

How to Unlock Yusei Fudo

  • Complete the Tutorial

How to Level-Up Yusei Fudo

  • You can Level-Up Yusei Fudo's Trust by Dueling with him selected as your partner from the Main Menu Screen or Dueling with him as your partner in Tag Duels.

  • You will need a Yusei Fudo Character Piece to unlock Trust Levels 11-20, and another to unlock Trust Levels 21-30.

  • You can acquire Yusei Fudo Character Pieces by getting 430 and 1800 Tag Points in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Series by Tag Dueling against Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlas.

Yusei Fudo Level-Up Rewards

Trust Level Reward
1 -
2 50 Gems
3 5 Skill Material (S)
4 5 Skill Material (M)
5 Traces of Stardust Lv1 Tag Duel Deck
6 50 Gems
7 5 Yellow Material
8 5 Skill Material (L)
9 50 Gems
10 2 Special Skill Material
11 Yusei Fudo Card Sleeves
12 50 Gems
13 5 Green Material
14 5 Skill Material (S)
15 Traces of Stardust Lv2 Tag Duel Deck
16 5 Skill Material (M)
17 50 Gems
18 1 Master Skill Material
19 5 Orange Material
20 5 Skill Material (M)
21 50 Gems
22 5 Skill Material (XL)
23 5 Skill Material (M)
24 5 Skill Material (S)
25 Traces of Stardust Lv3 Tag Duel Deck
26 50 Gems
27 5 Black Material
28 3 Special Skill Material
29 5 Skill Material (L)
30 50 Gems