Yuya's schoolmate also attends the Leo Institute - the premier Dueling school in the city. As the self-professed greatest Duelist in the world, he has his squad tend to his every whim.

After battling against Yuya, Sylvio gets the bug for Dueltaining. With his flamboyant persona and the ability to master any card, he's ready to put on his own personal show!

Sylvio knows the current tournament will be a disaster without his presence, but he forgets that he needs a tag partner to enter. He feels the player's Dueling is more than adequate, so he gives the player permission to invite him to team up.

How to Unlock Sylvio Sawatari

  • Clear Story 5 in the Event.

How to Level-Up Sylvio Sawatari

  • You can Level-Up Sylvio Sawatari's Trust by Dueling with him selected as your partner from the Main Menu Screen or Dueling with him as your partner in Tag Duels.

  • You will need a Sylvio Sawatari Character Piece to unlock Trust Levels 11-20, and another to unlock Trust Levels 21-30.

  • You can acquire Sylvio Sawatari Character Pieces from the Event Point Exchange

Sylvio Sawatari Level-Up Rewards

Trust Level Reward
1 -
2 50 Gems
3 5 Skill Material (S)
4 5 Skill Material (M)
5 My Cards Love Me! Lv1 Tag Duel Deck
6 50 Gems
7 5 Orange Material
8 5 Skill Material (L)
9 50 Gems
10 2 Special Skill Material
11 Sylvio Sawatari Card Sleeves
12 50 Gems
13 5 Black Material
14 5 Skill Material (S)
15 My Cards Love Me! Lv2 Tag Duel Deck
16 5 Skill Material (M)
17 50 Gems
18 1 Master Skill Material
19 5 Red Material
20 5 Skill Material (M)
21 50 Gems
22 5 Skill Material (XL)
23 5 Skill Material (M)
24 5 Skill Material (S)
25 My Cards Love Me! Lv2 Tag Duel Deck
26 50 Gems
27 5 Blue Material
28 3 Special Skill Material
29 5 Skill Material (L)
30 50 Gems