This mysterious Duelist suddenly appeared in LINK VRAINS to hunt down the Knights of Hanoi - a notorious hacker group that is trying to destroy the network. After saving LINK VRAINS countless times, people see Playmaker as a hero - even if he doesn't want to be.

Though he's a loaner, he will seek out Duelists for a rematch if he deems them worthy of another fight. Playmaker's Deck not only consists of Cyberse and Link Monsters, but also Spells and Traps that he wields to defeat his opponnents without breaking a sweat.

Playmaker comes to the tournament to find the Hanoi, and the player ropes him in into forming a tag team.

How to Unlock Playmaker

  • Complete the Tutorial

How to Level-Up Playmaker

  • You can Level-Up Playmaker's Trust by Dueling with him selected as your partner from the Main Menu Screen or Dueling with him as your partner in Tag Duels.

  • You will need a Playmaker Character Piece to unlock Trust Levels 11-20, and another to unlock Trust Levels 21-30.

  • You can acquire Playmaker Character Pieces by getting 430 and 1800 Tag Points in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Series by Tag Dueling against Playmaker and Blue Angel.

Playmaker Level-Up Rewards

Trust Level Reward
1 -
2 50 Gems
3 5 Skill Material (S)
4 5 Skill Material (M)
5 Link Between Worlds Lv1 Tag Duel Deck
6 50 Gems
7 5 Yellow Material
8 5 Skill Material (L)
9 50 Gems
10 2 Special Skill Material
11 Playmaker Card Sleeves
12 50 Gems
13 5 Green Material
14 5 Skill Material (S)
15 Link Between Worlds Lv2 Tag Duel Deck
16 5 Skill Material (M)
17 50 Gems
18 1 Master Skill Material
19 5 Orange Material
20 5 Skill Material (M)
21 50 Gems
22 5 Skill Material (XL)
23 5 Skill Material (M)
24 5 Skill Material (S)
25 Link Between Worlds Lv2 Tag Duel Deck
26 50 Gems
27 5 Black Material
28 3 Special Skill Material
29 5 Skill Material (L)
30 50 Gems