As a Number Hunter working for Mr. Heartland, Kite's mission is to find every single Number.

He Duels alone and doesn't want help from anyone - not that he needs it. Though he may seem cruel and ruthless, he doesn't actually like to hurt his opponents. But he will do what must be done to save his brother Hart.

His Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon is the key to winning his Duels - conquering his opponents before they can execute their strategies.

Kite entered this tournament to hunt for Numbers. But due to the sheer number of opponents, Kite's Photon Transformation wrecked him physically. To ease the burden, Mr. Heartland and Orbital 7 insisted that he team with the player - which he reluctantly accepted.

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

How to Unlock Kite Tenjo

  • Complete Story X of the event to unlock Kite Tenjo's first heart piece!

How to Level-Up Kite Tenjo

  • You can Level-Up Kite Tenjo's Trust by Dueling with him selected as your partner from the Main Menu Screen or Dueling with her as your partner in Tag Duels

  • You will need a Kite Tenjo Character Piece to unlock Trust Levels 11-20, and another to unlock Trust Levels 21-30.

  • You can acquire Kite Tenjo Character Pieces by obtaining them from the Event Point Exchange.

Kite Tenjo Level-Up Rewards

Trust Level Reward
1 -
2 50 Gems
3 5 Skill Material (S)
4 5 Skill Material (M)
5 Excited Galaxy-Eyes Lv1 Tag Duel Deck
6 50 Gems
7 5 Red Material
8 5 Skill Material (L)
9 50 Gems
10 2 Special Skill Material
11 Kite Tenjo Card Sleeves
12 50 Gems
13 5 Blue Material
14 5 Skill Material (S)
15 Excited Galaxy-Eyes Lv2 Tag Duel Deck
16 5 Skill Material (M)
17 50 Gems
18 1 Master Skill Material
19 5 Yellow Material
20 5 Skill Material (M)
21 50 Gems
22 5 Skill Material (XL)
23 5 Skill Material (M)
24 5 Skill Material (S)
25 Excited Galaxy-Eyes Lv2 Tag Duel Deck
26 50 Gems
27 5 Green Material
28 3 Special Skill Material
29 5 Skill Material (L)
30 50 Gems